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The Benefits of Hair Restoration Specialists

The Benefits of Hair Restoration Specialists

While facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stanley Jacobs handles consultations with patients who come to his practice seeking help for their receding hairlines and growing bald patches, he doesn’t handle the procedure itself. Men—and yes, women—who want hair restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area may wonder why Dr. Jacobs seems to be taking a step back when it comes to restoring a full head of healthy, natural-looking hair, but to anyone with a question or concern, the answer is simple: The specialists he brings in are very, very good at what they do.

Dr. Jacobs has experience with hair restoration, but his passion lies with facial re-contouring and rejuvenation, while the duo he flies in from Southern California as needed—comprised of lead technician Jeanna and assistant technician Valerie—focuses on hair transplants. Their specialization makes them invaluable to Dr. Jacobs—and to anyone who chooses him for their hair restoration needs.

Given their combined three decades of experience in the field and likely somewhere around a million individual grafts transplanted, they have a definite advantage over cosmetic surgeons who personally handle hair restoration procedures as one of many options from a large menu of services.

One of the main advantages of enjoying hair restoration from specialists is in their technique. As careful as a technician has to be to transport a live follicle from one area of the scalp to another on a scale of thousands, that delicate action is not enough to create a natural-looking head of hair. Each graft must be placed by a technician who takes into account the direction and angle the new hair will be growing. Hairs on your head do not simply sprout straight out. Some are angled downward, and some follow a swirl or other subtle line or pattern. Only a technician truly and intimately familiar with the intricacies of the scalp and how hair grows will be able to combine the artistry and medical knowhow to yield beautiful results.

Of course, just because Dr. Jacobs is not personally transplanting the grafts doesn’t mean he keeps his hands off throughout the hair restoration process. He stays abreast of progress throughout the entire procedure and supervises the work from start to finish—as well as remains the primary point of contact for all follow-up visits.

Patients who choose Dr. Jacobs and his specialized team enjoy the benefits of NeoGraft®, a modern, automated, nonsurgical system that improves both speed and accuracy.

Contact Dr. Stanley Jacobs to learn more about hair restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area. Call his Healdsburg office at (707) 473-0220 or his San Francisco office at (415) 433-0303.