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Skill and experience are vital considerations for Botox Cosmetic treatments

There are many people in the Bay Area who are technically qualified to administer BOTOX® injections, but patients seeking ideal results often want more than textbook knowhow.

Dr. Stanley Jacobs’ team at The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery is made up of experts who go beyond the basics, assessing each individual as a person with a distinct facial structure and goals. Only professionals with a thorough understanding of anatomy and musculature, coupled with an eye for aesthetics, can offer results that are as appearance-changing as they are subtle via BOTOX®. San Francisco’s Dr. Jacobs is committed to providing that ideal experience at his practice. He’s also invested in that experience being available elsewhere, since, as a national training practitioner for BOTOX® manufacturer Allergan, he has trained more than 200 doctors in its proper use.

With a lifelong interest in both the medical sciences and the classical arts, Dr. Jacobs blends precision and instinct to create a customized treatment plan for each patient, and he’s built his team around that same mindset. Together, they work to deliver excellent results whether using BOTOX® alone or pairing the injectable cosmetic with other beauty-enhancing treatments and procedures.

Why Does the Right BOTOX® Provider Matter?

While BOTOX® is a safe and very commonly applied cosmetic treatment in the United States, it’s one that nevertheless should be approached with care. A patient’s wellbeing and appearance depend on properly placed injections, so selecting a practice for the treatment should take thought and research.

BOTOX® works by preventing specific muscles from contracting, which in turn keeps wrinkles from appearing in very noticeable areas on the face. No one can be certified as a BOTOX® administrator without understanding how to preserve patient health by injecting only the necessary muscles, but a superior treatment goes far beyond that minimum.

The team at Dr. Jacobs’ practice customizes each dosage to create a look that softens and enhances a patient’s natural appearance. This focus on the face and person as a whole, not on a few muscles necessary to mechanically deliver the bare minimum, sets Dr. Jacobs and his staff apart. You are not just a forehead or a series of fine lines to be smoothed away. You are a unique individual who deserves to be treated as such.

Holistic Understanding

While a single BOTOX® session may be enough to generate the sought-after results, Dr. Jacobs and his team excel at getting to the heart of a patient’s aesthetic goals and tailoring treatments to deliver accordingly. Though someone may come in asking for BOTOX®, a consultation may reveal that dermal fillers will better provide a rejuvenating look.

Patients choose Dr. Jacobs because they know he will give honest answers that benefit them, based on his years of experience and his own artistic sense and medical skill, all of which he imparts to his staff as well. His care is evident in the attention he gives to every detail, from the design of his office spaces to the fact that he sees patients from around North America and the world.

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