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Enjoy a More Youthful Looking Forehead

The effects of aging are inevitable, and the forehead is often the first area to show visible signs of changes to the skin and other tissues. Over time, skin begins to lose its elasticity. Sun, wind, and the pull of gravity all impact the face, resulting in frown lines, wrinkling across the forehead, and an increasing heaviness of the eyebrows. Even people in their 30s may have faces that look older than their years. A tired, angry, or sad expression generally does not reflect how you actually feel or want the world to see you. As a result, many people have opted for a procedure known as the brow lift, available to patients at The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

A brow/forehead lift can give you eyebrows that are lifted, making the eyes appear more open, inviting, and—of course—youthful.

Is a forehead lift / brow lift right for me??

Adults whose aging brow has become a cause of frustration, disappointment, distress, or annoyance—whether because it presents an aging appearance, begins to impact a clear field of vision, or both—may be good candidates for a brow lift.

A brow lift surgery for functional or cosmetic reasons demands the work of a qualified facial plastic surgeon. During his initial consultation, Dr. Jacobs will examine your facial structure, the condition of your skin, and your hairline in order to decide where incisions should be made. He will also obtain a thorough medical history and provide a detailed description of the procedure that includes a discussion of the risks involved.

What are the details of a forehead lift / brow lift?

After making the necessary and carefully positioned incisions, Dr. Jacobs essentially re-contours the forehead by repositioning the tissue. Excess skin is removed as necessary to keep the remaining skin from slumping back down due to laxity. The surgery also involves several other components: The frown muscles are cut, so patients do not need any BOTOX®—or at least very little—afterward. The forehead lines and creases are markedly diminished. As a bonus, the upper cheeks are lifted, too.

While every surgery carries some amount of risk, the potential drawbacks of brow lift surgery are mitigated by an experienced and talented surgeon who is focused on facial procedures. Dr. Jacobs has been performing brow lifts for more than 25 years. He has done both the “open” method (which he prefers) and the endoscopic method. He finds that the open method allows him to achieve a better result, and the results last longer. With the open method, there are no screws drilled into the skull. This technique also does not rely on a suture to lift the brows.

In addition, hair loss with the open method is negligible when a meticulous skin closure is done. Dr. Jacobs just happens to love to do meticulous skin closures. For cases in which a patient has a notably high forehead, Dr. Jacobs can even lower the hairline to create a more natural-looking result.

What to expect after a forehead lift / brow lift

Forehead surgery patients experience a certain amount of swelling and bruising in the 10-day period following their brow lift procedure. For many patients, the necessary recovery time will not last longer than two weeks. Even after then, they may still be advised to avoid strenuous activities for a longer period. Any prolonged bruising can be camouflaged with standard make-up techniques.

Procedures that complement a forehead lift / brow lift

Dr. Jacobs offers numerous other facial cosmetic surgery options to complement and enhance the effects of a brow lift. Patients who want to rejuvenate the entire upper portion of the face can pair their forehead procedure with eyelid surgery, which address laxity and drooping in the upper and lower lids. A facelift or neck lift focuses on the lower portion of the face, changing contours from the cheeks down to improve definition and give patients a more youthful silhouette.

Beyond these options, Dr. Jacobs also performs rhinoplasty surgery to reshape noses for cosmetic and functional reasons, lip lifts to reduce signs of aging around the mouth, and chin augmentation for creating a more striking profile.

Learn more about a forehead lift with Dr. Jacobs

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