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There is no greater feeling of pride that we as a team can achieve than when we receive notes like these from our patients happily sharing their experience with the world so that other future patients can benefit from knowing how positive their experiences were in working with us. We’re so grateful to patients that took the time to share their kind words with us and with you, in the form of personal messages as well as reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Dear Dr. Jacobs, Thank you for your skillful work! There is now congruency between the strength of my vitality and how I look. Over the last 2 years I've become more aware that my rapidly aging face was impacting some of my decisions. The scope of those self imposed limitations didn't reveal itself until a few weeks after surgery when I began to look more like the person I felt, and that I now had choices about how outwardly engaged I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. While "some" in this culture may be of the opinion that this is a superficial concern and one ought to age "gracefully" I believe that if how we look undermines ones confidence especially in a culture of ageism, it's not to be ignored. Life is short and can be ever so full.... While looking and feeling good!! So, once again I'm very grateful for your "artistry" and helping me to age "gracefully" my way.... May you and yours have a bountiful new year.*

Dr. Jacobs is amazing! Definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. He explained the procedure involved in my cosmetic surgery clearly and I am so pleased with my results. The success of a great cosmetic surgery is a natural look and that is what Dr. Jacobs gave me. His staff is so courteous and wonderful and follow up on any questions you may have. I researched and interviewed several other surgeons and after meeting with Dr. Jacobs the first time knew I made the right choice.*

Dear Dr. Jacobs: Your patients all know you as an amazing plastic surgeon, but we know you first and foremost as a true dedicated physician. In your busy professional and personal life, you still found time to care for our 18 month old grandson who unfortunately split open his forehead from a fall in our kitchen (Gammie and Papa2's worst nightmare!). We can't thank you enough for your kindness, expertise and caring and friendship. What a guy!*

Fellow readers, I had extensive cosmetic facial surgery 12 weeks ago performed by Dr. Jacobs. I am so absolutely thrilled with the results that I am still on cloud nine. Not only do I look and feel 20 years younger, I'm pretty! Really pretty! People who have never met me before think I am in my 30's and those who know me but have no idea about the surgery are more than curious about the beautiful change that has taken place. I just smile and say I'm in love. My close friends and family who know about the surgery tell me they have honestly never seen such a beautiful and natural result on anyone and I know they mean it. During our initial consultation I immediately fell in love with Dr. Jacobs and all of his staff. They are a team of professional and caring individuals who work in complete harmony. Dr. Jacobs is so easy to talk with and completely open and honest about every little detail. The computer imaging that he creates gives you a very precise look at what you should expect as the final result and in my case something to look at everyday and dream about. Guess what? My dream came true. I urge you to visit Dr. Jacobs website to read more about his vision and to see his before and after gallery. In my opinion there just isn't a more wonderful and brilliant plastic surgeon anywhere!*

Dear Dr. Jacobs & Gang! Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. You are a genius, and I’ll continue to do my best to refer clients to you. I appreciate all that you did for me … .* All the best,

Dr. Jacobs and staff, Thanks for giving me my self-esteem back! You are all terrific.* Thanks,

Dear Dr. Jacobs, Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your time, effort, skill, and friendship.* Thank you,

I have been to Dr. Jacobs office for many treatments including botox and Kybella. Lisa has done my botox and it has always turned out beautifully. I also received 3 Kybella treatments last year. The results are phenomenal! I am a relatively fit person and I was frustrated by my minor double chin. I just wanted a defined jawline. Kybella is a treatment that you have to have faith in because it doesn't work immediately, it's about the longterm, permanent results. Since getting it done early last year, my jaw line is more defined than ever, even after having a baby this year. I love the way my profile looks and it is really noticeable in pictures. Dr. Jacobs and Lisa walked me through everything and really showed precision in what they do. I have recommended them to many friends and have had a friend receive Kybella and lip filler and another friend got an eyelid lift and peel. Everyone who goes to Dr. Jacobs office ends up looking great and enjoy their experience! The office is beautiful and comfortable and the entire staff is extremely welcoming and professional. I am so grateful for them!

Dr. J ... I took the leap! You were the net! With your artistry, skill, and gentle spirit, you transformed what was once an unhappy face to an ecstatic one filled with joy and a rejuvenated sense of well-being! Cute, once again! How do I thank you, except to sing your praises?!!? I'm so jazzed, I can hardly stand it! You can count on me to be one of your many champions! Much love and gratitude.*

Dr. Jacobs... ... is a rare combination of creative, technical and communicative excellence. That, coupled with the competency of his staff, left me with a feeling of complete confidence in him, and the ability of his office to handle my procedure.*

I had an injury to my jaw four and a half years ago. Following my procedure with Dr. Jacobs, I I felt a surge of personal growth and change. It was as though my inner being was now free from how it had been held back during those years of coping, and I was free to catch up with the growth of my inner being, and free to step into my Self unimpeded. I have felt beautiful and powerful, and grateful.*