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Don’t Like Your Appearance in Zoom and Skype Meetings? Cosmetic Treatments Can Boost Your Confidence

Don’t Like Your Appearance in Zoom and Skype Meetings? Cosmetic Treatments Can Boost Your Confidence

Close-up video conference calls have become an increasingly trendy tool for business meetings, social events like dinner parties, and even job interviews during the pandemic, but many people feel uneasy in front of the camera and worry about how they look to others on screen. This is partially because we’re looking at ourselves more often. As we now spend more time gazing back at our image in the front-facing camera, any small flaws—such as wrinkles, baggy eyelids, pinched-in temples, or creases and sagging on the neck—are magnified. If you want to make a noticeable difference to the appearance of a standout feature (your neck, for instance), now is the ideal time to have a neck lift at our Sonoma County practice. We also offer eyelid surgeries and injectable treatments that can be done discreetly.

Along with problems caused by unflattering, distorted camera angles and typically poor lighting, many of us simply don’t love the way we look on a screen. When we crane our necks and hunch over to look at our phone, laptop, or other device, the action can cause creases to form on our necks. Additionally, due to the age-related breakdown of two major components of skin— collagen and elastin—as well as sagging muscles and more fat accumulating below the chin over time, many people experience increasing dissatisfaction with their neck area as they age.

Bad posture is also said to accelerate neck aging.

A neck lift to address these problems involves removing excess skin and fat while elevating fascia to give you firmer contours. Elsewhere on the face, an eyelid lift can treat sagging skin and fat around the eyes to give you a more refreshed and youthful look. Injectable fillers and neuromodulators are available to keep the skin smoother for months at a time.

One of the major advantages of having an aesthetic treatment done at this time is being able to easily keep it low-key because you can recover at home and wear a mask when you go out—without having to worry about people asking questions about signs of post-procedural recovery.

Discover more about how a neck lift and other cosmetic procedures in Sonoma County can help you look your best in video calls. Talk to The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery team for more plastic surgery tips. Give us a call at (415) 433-0303 or fill out a contact form to set up a consultation.