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Looking Back on 2019: Revisit Dr. Stanley Jacobs’ Fall Facelift Presentation

Looking Back on 2019: Revisit Dr. Stanley Jacobs’ Fall Facelift Presentation

Earlier this year, Dr. Stanley Jacobs gave a presentation at his Healdsburg office, welcoming attendees from around the Bay Area to discuss “The Right Facelift for You.” The event featured a host of before-and-after photos revealing the results of various methods and techniques, each pioneered by Dr. Jacobs to address specific signs of aging while avoiding problems common to the traditional surgery.

When it comes to facelift procedures, the San Francisco area plastic surgeon has developed numerous variations, including the SynergyLift™ to enhance facial contours and skin tone together; the Serial VectorLift™ for an especially natural-looking result; the Dr. Stanley Jacobs MiniLift™ for a rested look with minimal recovery time; mini cheek, neck, posterior neck, or temple “zone lifts” to focus on specific areas of concern; and the Dr. Stanley Jacobs Lip Lift for an ideal Cupid’s bow.

Dr. Jacobs highlighted the research that went into his various techniques, as well as the study results demonstrating beneficial effects. Custom graphics and illustrations further revealed the details of how tissue is repositioned, where incisions are located, and more. A particular illustration broke down the face zone by zone so attendees could better understand how various features both stand apart and work together to create facial unity and harmony. Taking a synergistic approach to work on multiple zones at the same time can create more dramatic and complementary results.

For example, patients can focus on the cheek and jowls with a mini lift, while enjoying the benefits of a wrinkle- and spot-reducing TCA peel for a “Mini SynergyLift™.”

Women and men in Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, San Francisco, and elsewhere in the Bay Area can discover more about any of the facelift options discussed here by calling The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery at 415.433.0303 or reaching out online.