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Lip Lift vs Lip Injections: Which is the Better Choice for You?

Lip Lift vs Lip Injections: Which is the Better Choice for You?

What makes a perfect face? For years, artists and medical researchers alike have attempted to answer this question. Of course, there’s no exact formula. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the ideals of beauty have changed with the times, with different cultures developing unique perspectives on what is desirable. That being said, the lips are an important element of facial attractiveness, and there’s no doubt that lush, rosy lips have been a favored trait across multiple times and regions.

When you undergo facial plastic surgery, as North Bay Area-based Dr. Stanley Jacobs makes clear, the goal is not just to improve individual features, but to create overall facial harmony and balance. If you’re self-conscious about your lips, know that there are both surgical and non-surgical options available to help patients of all ages add volume and improve definition.

The surface of the lips is unlike the skin of the rest of the body. It is more sensitive, lacks a protective outer layer, and has a number of blood vessels very close to the surface. Thus, lips can dry out easily—consider how quickly they crack in less-humid weather or if you don’t drink enough water in a single day—and show other effects of environmental damage and aging.

Our lip injections contain hyaluronic acid, an important ingredient for restoring fullness to the skin—including the lips—after moisture and collagen have been lost due to aging or damage. Injections can make the lips smoother, brighter, and more symmetrical, and can also reduce surrounding wrinkles, such as smile lines.

Preferences vary, with some patients deliberately choosing an overfilled, disproportionate look and others doing anything to avoid ending up with exaggerated “duck lips.” For some people, it’s about looking younger, sexier, or more feminine. Traditionally, the majority of lip treatments have been sought out by women. However, a growing number of men are having lip injections to get a “macho mouth,” similar to that of male celebrities by augmenting the lower lip.

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with the volume of the lips, but with their position on the face. Less-than-ideal positioning may be genetic, or may caused by age-related drooping and deflation. For sagging, you’ll need a surgical lip lift: a procedure designed to address the problem by removing skin, refining the Cupid’s bow, and adjusting lip height by elevating the vermillion border. Unlike temporary fillers, results are very long lasting, and only one session is needed.

New to the idea of lip enhancement? Explore facial plastic surgery and non-surgical alternatives available from the Bay Area’s Jacobs Center For Cosmetic Surgery, serving Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, and beyond. Get in touch by calling 707-473-0220, or complete a contact form for more details.