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Facelift vs. Injectables: What Do They Do?

Facelift vs. Injectables: What Do They Do?

Anyone who wants to address signs of facial aging may be considering their options: Do you go with a nonsurgical choice, such as a dermal filler? Or something more involved, such as a facelift surgery? San Francisco facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stanley Jacobs will tell you that the answer depends on what sort of change you’re looking for—and that your decision actually doesn’t have to be only one or the other. With professional guidance starting at a consultation, you can decide on the best plan for getting the results you want, and that may include pairing a surgical procedure with one or more nonsurgical treatments.

For now, there are two main facts to remember: A facelift addresses facial contours (sagging jowls, hollow cheeks, etc.), while injectable fillers mostly target skin texture (lip lines, nasolabial folds, etc.). Note that one filler in particular—Juvéderm Voluma®—is known for temporarily altering facial contours by adding hyaluornic acid-based volume to the midface, but the results tend to not last as long as what you can expect from surgery.

Basically, a facelift aims to change your profile by repositioning a variety of tissues to make it look trimmer and sleeker, while fillers add volume to the skin itself. There are variations on each: Numerous facelift techniques are available to suit a patient’s unique needs, and fillers come in a range of brands.

Since it requires incisions and sutures, facelift surgery requires some recuperation and healing time, as well as follow-up visits to monitor healing and results. Injectables may result in some needle-related side effects, but these are frequently limited to redness and minor discomfort—nothing that would prevent someone from going about the rest of their day as usual.

Some patients prefer injectables because of their less-invasive nature and rejuvenating effects, while others opt for surgery because of the more dramatic changes and longevity of the results. As mentioned above, it’s not an either-or decision. One can complement the other, or even be paired with other available options, such as a chemical peel.

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