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Dr. Jacobs is Back from Germany!

Dr. Jacobs is Back from Germany!

In mid-September, Dr. Stanley Jacobs traveled to Germany not to sightsee, but to present a paper based on his original research at the annual conference of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. Held in Regensburg, Germany, from Sept. 12 to 15, the conference welcomed facial plastic surgery specialists from all over the globe to hear from 150 faculty members—including Sonoma County facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jacobs.

Opportunities for attendees ranged from videos to roundtables. Dr. Jacobs was one of four presenters in a section titled “Facial Volume—Finding Perfect Harmony.” The moderator was Beverly Hills-based Dr. William Binder, best known for being the physician who discovered that Botulinum toxin type A is an effective treatment for migraines.

Dr. Jacobs’ paper, “Mandelic Acid for Improvement of Facial Skin Visco-elasticity,” drew from his years of research into a large molecule found in bitter almonds with properties that can rejuvenate the skin by improving its visco-elasticity. This molecule, mandelic acid, is the foundation of Dr. Jacobs’ patented line of skincare products.

He first came across bitter almonds as a skincare ingredient while researching an almost-4,000-year-old ancient Egyptian papyrus, which presented medical recommendations and recipes, among a host of other information. When properly prepared, the bitter almonds yield mandelic acid, which can help skin to be more elastic and maintain its youthful form and shape.

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