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Does Your Plastic Surgeon Create Natural-Looking Results?

Does Your Plastic Surgeon Create Natural-Looking Results?

Choosing the right plastic surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area is an important part of any patient’s aesthetic journey. While working with a surgeon who has the proper education, training, experience, and talent is obviously paramount, patients who research their options and find someone they connect and feel comfortable with will find that they enjoy the experience more, which can lead to even better outcomes.

A plastic surgeon who treats you as an individual with unique facial features and who takes the time to understand your goals will be able to better envision the ultimate outcome of your procedure and communicate it to you. This produces more natural-looking results.

To be honest, any qualified plastic surgeon can lift tissue that needs lifting and smooth away unwanted lines. What sets a plastic surgeon apart from the crowd is the advanced ability to create results that do not give the impression that work has been done. In other words, the changes look natural. Wrinkles are not stretched away to leave an expanse of too-tight-looking skin.

As a triple board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Stanley Jacobs has pioneered several facelift techniques designed to position incisions to maximize results by following natural curves and angles of the face. That way, he avoids giving the skin a pulled look and hides any minimal scarring by camouflaging it in the existing contours.

In particular, Dr. Jacobs’ Serial Vector Lift technique allows him to re-shape patients’ faces using their own fascia for a natural look. They do not have a stretched-out or pulled-tight look, but rather like they’ve had their appearance from 20 years ago restored.

Despite the satisfaction patients get from natural-looking results, not every plastic surgeon works to create them. Talk to Dr. Jacobs to learn more about the benefits of an approach that favors a natural look.