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Care For Your Skin, Plastic Surgery or Not

Care For Your Skin, Plastic Surgery or Not

As a triple board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon offering plastic surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Stanley Jacobs regularly sees patients who want his help in reversing the effects of sun damage, from slight spots and fine lines to large-scale sagging due to ultraviolet radiation breaking down collagen, elastin, and more in the skin.

First and foremost, Dr. Jacobs recommends that his patients wear sunscreen, both for everyday skin protection and for particular protection of incision sites after a plastic surgery procedure. Exposure to sunlight can cause scars to darken and become more noticeable.

Beyond that basic of skin care, he also emphasizes that consistency and routine are important in maintaining healthy, beautiful skin long term. An effective regimen can be broken down into three steps:

  • removing the old, outermost layer
  • infusing the newly exposed skin with beneficial nutrients
  • moisturizing the skin to keep it pliant and soft

This is an effective series for anyone, whether they are considering plastic surgery or not. Dr. Jacobs offers products he developed himself, based on years of study and experience with both plastic surgery and skin care: the Transforming Synergy Peel with Mandelic Acid, the Visco-elastic Transforming Serum with Mandelic Acid, and the Visco-elastic Moisturizing Crème with Mandelic Acid. Learn more at stanleyjacobsmd.com.

While plastic surgery works well to address sagging and drooping skin, as well as some deep creases, a different solution is required for patients who want clearer skin with a more even tone. Dr. Jacobs’ skin care products reduce acne, soften skin, decrease fine lines, fade brown spots, and more.

They are also particularly suited for restoring lost viscoelasticity, which is the skin’s ability to flow back after being pushed or pulled out of its original state. Youthful skin is extremely elastic, which is why young people do not have wrinkles. As elasticity drops over time, lines and creases form.

Dr. Jacobs’ own studies with a Cutometer® have shown that his products increase elasticity of facial skin by as much as 30 percent in four weeks, which is something other, similar products cannot claim. Improved elasticity reduces wrinkles, as skin is restored to more youthful conditions.

Dr. Stanley Jacob can answer patients’ questions about plastic surgery, skin care products, and how the two can be combined to rejuvenate an aging face and maintain that newly refreshed looked.