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Will CoolSculpting® Help with Weight Loss?

Will CoolSculpting® Help with Weight Loss?

Precious few of us are able to build the body of a Greek god. If you’ve been able to sculpt a toned, lean physique through a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a low body fat percentage—but are still bothered by a few weak spots—nonsurgical fat reduction can be the way to finally achieve the look you want. CoolSculpting® helps people who have already trained and maintained a healthy lifestyle to further refine their body contours by reducing fat from places they may not be satisfied with, like the flanks (love handles) or below the face (double chin). This nonsurgical treatment is an alternative to plastic surgery that some San Francisco Bay Area patients may prefer.

Though the concepts of weight loss and fat reduction may seem similar, CoolSculpting® isn’t intended for people who are attempting to lose large amounts of weight.

A quick lesson: Fat cells don’t actually go anywhere when you lose weight. Everyone has a generally set number of fat cells once they reach adulthood, and these cells are distributed in specific ways. When you lose weight through lifestyle efforts, it means that your calorie intake is less than what you’re burning off through physical exercise and a nutritious diet. The body begins to dismantle stored fat for energy, causing fat cells to shrink as some of their contents are used up. Though these are healthy practices, it isn’t possible to spot reduce isolated areas for body contouring in this manner.

The science behind CoolSculpting® and the processes involved in typical weight loss efforts are very different. CoolSculpting® helps with body contouring, meaning that it’s intended for sculpting more balanced, streamlined proportions. It targets select areas like the abdomen, thighs, and below the chin. The cryolipolysis (literally meaning “freezing of fat”) technique lowers the temperature of subcutaneous fat cells to trigger an inflammatory response that leads to cell death. The body later disposes of the fat cells’ remains, gradually clearing them out over a span of weeks and months. This leads to a 20 to 25 percent decrease in fat and a slimmer appearance.

Anyone considering CoolSculpting® should know that it’s better to lose weight before a treatment session and avoid bad habits afterward to maintain results.

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