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Spring and Rhinoplasty in the San Francisco Bay Area

Spring and Rhinoplasty in the San Francisco Bay Area

Having trouble breathing? Long-wished-for rains followed by warm, sunny days have cause all sorts of plant life to start springing up as winter comes to a close in California, so it may be allergies. Or it may be defects in your nasal structure, which can be fixed with rhinoplasty. Of course, San Francisco Bay Area residents would know quite well whether their breathing passages are always obstructed or just temporarily blocked due to a pollen influx, but with all of the focus on the nose this time of year anyway, many people may find themselves considering both the look and function of their most prominent facial feature.

A rhinoplasty can widen narrow airways and straighten a deviated septum on the inside, as well as alter the size, proportions, and angles of structures on the outside.

If you’re considering a rhinoplasty for any reason in the coming days, know that the recovery period involves a splint and other aftercare, which may make blowing your nose a bit of a challenge for some days following the surgery if you are an allergy sufferer—though allergy medications, such as Claritin®, can safely help with nasal stuffiness while you heal from nasal surgery. Dr. Stanley Jacobs can help anyone exploring rhinoplasty to learn everything they can about the procedure, as well as the best approach and timing for their unique circumstances.

Honestly, rhinoplasty is not an overnight procedure, and while swelling will go down in just a few weeks, it can return and subside over several months as the changed tissues an structures settle into their new permanent positions. While the results will be noticeable and beautiful in a relatively short amount of time, a nose job scheduled now while new leaves bud will continue to resolve itself over the spring and into the summer, allowing you to more fully enjoy your new profile as those leaves change and begin to fall and the holiday season that seems to have just ended begins to start up once again.

For more information about rhinoplasty surgery in the San Francisco area with triple-board certified facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stanley Jacobs, call his Healdsburg office, where surgeries are performed, at (707) 473-0220 or his San Francisco office, reserved for minimally invasive procedures and consultations, at (415) 433-0303.