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Five Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Five Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men

June was Men’s Health Month, but turning some pages on the calendar doesn’t mean we should turn our attention away from prioritizing the broad spectrum of physical and mental health care concerns for males. It’s important to emphasize the growing interest among men in self care, including cosmetic surgery. To that end, while women have traditionally dominated the market, recently reported statistics show that males represent a growing segment in the industry. From facelifts to non-invasive fat reduction to rhinoplasty surgery, San Francisco’s Dr. Stanley Jacobs reports that aesthetic changes can boost self-confidence in men by allowing them to develop an appearance that more closely matches the image they want to present to the world.

Perhaps men’s increasing interest in plastic surgery can be attributed, at least in part, to a diminishing stigma surrounding male plastic surgery—even on the face, where results may be more obvious. Indeed, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that in 2018, eyelid surgery and nose reshaping were among the top surgical procedures performed on men.

Rhinoplasty, the technical name for cosmetic nose surgery, addresses aesthetic issues, including a short or upturned nose tip, hump, crookedness, and overly wide or narrow nostrils. The male nasal bridge is typically straighter and more prominent than the female nasal bridge and has an increased width around its middle section. The surgery conventionally performed on women has been designed to “feminize” the nose by making it appear smaller and daintier. However, nose surgery can also be used to make a more masculine, powerful, and distinct profile.

Facelifts are another type of surgery that may be used to give the face a more traditionally masculine appearance, often by preserving masculine angles while addressing age-related volume loss and shaping a more chiselled jawline. During a facelift, skin and other tissue that has grown lax and saggy is lifted and tightened to restore youthful contours. Eyelid surgery (otherwise referred to as an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty) can be combined with a facelift or performed solo to reduce the severity of folds of under-eye skin that have lost their elasticity.

If your main concern is improving the texture and tone of facial skin, chemical peels may be the most appropriate choice. The chemical solution peels away the outermost layers to reduce signs of aging, sun damage, scars, and acne—and restores more youthful skin firmness and elasticity.

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