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Enhancing Your Autumn Skincare Routine

Enhancing Your Autumn Skincare Routine

Understanding the effects of seasonal changes can help you to define what your skin needs. The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery team, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, offers skincare treatments for a wide range of skin types. They also provide helpful tips for maintaining a glowing complexion during the upcoming season of chillier weather and pumpkin-spice lattes (and everything else, it seems).

As we transition from the intense summer months into crisp fall weather, your skin is likely to be reeling from long days spent in the sun and exposure to the irritating effects of saltwater and chlorine. On top of that, we now have to contend with colder winds, sudden temperature changes (Bay Area locals are no stranger to these!), and an increased risk of dry skin. Fall is also the perfect time to rescue summer-damaged skin while at the same time engaging in a nourishing, healthy skincare regimen that prepares it for the harsh realities of winter.

One of the best ways to combat many of these problems is by investing in a humidifier for your home to boost moisture in the air. Using a thick, moisturizing cream each day is also critical to help your skin retain essential oils and water, which can be stripped away by more extreme external elements—yes, even rain! Despite the clouds, however, sun protection remains important. You’ll want to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen even on overcast days.

Exfoliation is always essential for removing dead cell buildup (just remember not to overdo it). Cold and flu activity is rampant during these months, and when you get sick, your skin can become dry and dull, so take measures to boost your overall wellness.

Given the multitude of beauty options available, finding the right products can be a confusing endeavor. Dr. Stanley Jacobs’ line of breakthrough skincare products is the result of nearly a decade of research into ancient Egyptian anti-aging secrets. He has developed a formula based on the amazing abilities of mandelic acid for minimizing brown spots, providing clearer skin, and more. These products increase skin elasticity 25 percent in a month! They are the “ultimate in skin tightening.”

Discover more about seasonal skincare by contacting The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery. You can use an online contact form, or, if you prefer, call the practice serving Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, and the entire San Francisco area at 415.433.0303.