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Can You Have a Neck Lift With No Facelift?

Can You Have a Neck Lift With No Facelift?

The face and neck are considered by many people to be two separate parts of the body, but many cosmetic surgeons—including facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stanley Jacobs—tighten tissues on both as necessary when performing a facelift. This is because a young-looking face can seem unnatural if an older-looking neck remains, while a neck lift alone is typically not enough to rejuvenate a sagging lower face and jawline. That said, there are times when patients are found to be ideal candidates for a solo neck lift. San Francisco’s Dr. Jacobs explains that these patients are frequently in their 50s and have begun to see signs of aging on their neck, but not yet on their face.

The neck is actually one of the areas where sagging is first apparent as collagen and facial fat diminish, skin grows loose, and tissues relax in general. A neck lift as a standalone procedure may be appropriate for anyone who still enjoys tight, firm contours on the face, but whose neck has developed a turkey-like appearance.

A consultation is the best way to determine whether a neck lift would be ideal or if a facelift would provide the desired results, since a facelift surgery involves getting rid of jowls and the fat and sagging skin that hide definition. The consultation can also allow Dr. Jacobs to examine the neck and lower face to determine the problem and recommend a results-based solution. If the unwanted look is due primarily to excess fat that creates a double chin, a Kybella® treatment may be sufficient to create an aesthetically pleasing change.

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