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3 Ways to Be Mentally Prepared for Your Facelift

3 Ways to Be Mentally Prepared for Your Facelift

Before and after having any type of major surgery that changes one’s appearance for good—even elective plastic surgery—it’s typical for patients to go through some emotional ups and downs. You may experience a rollercoaster of emotions, including feelings of uncertainty, confusion, anxiety, and even regret. On other days, you might feel excitement, joy, and even relief. By the time the full results show, and they’ve healed completely several months later, the vast majority of patients are satisfied with their results, but it’s the time before the operation and when you’re recovering when you’re most likely to experience the greatest psychological toll. Although you’ll be taking steps to make sure that you’re physically ready for surgery—such as avoiding smoking and certain medications in the weeks leading up to the procedure—don’t forget to consider the psychological aspects involved as well. There are some simple things patients can do to be better mentally and emotionally equipped to handle a facelift in Sonoma County.

  • Have a Support System in Place

When you’re undergoing plastic surgery, having strong support from friends, family, and loved ones is vital so you don’t feel like you’re completely on your own. It helps to have someone to confide in about your fears and other feelings that are heightened before and after surgery, rather than suffering in silence.

  • Maintain Realistic Expectations

Patients may be dissatisfied with their results if they’re having the surgery for the wrong reasons (such as to please someone else) or their expectations are too high. Remember that although the surgery will enhance your facial appearance, it won’t necessarily improve your overall quality of life.

  • Have a Positive Outlook

The trauma involved in the surgery and the anesthesia used to make the procedure more comfortable will have an impact on your mental state, so patients should know that it’s perfectly normal to have strong and differing feelings. Many patients feel impatient or frustrated when they’re recovering because it takes time to heal and setbacks may occur. Try to focus on the positive, trust the process, and remain patient.

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