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Why the “Zoom Boom” Is the Ideal Opportunity for Plastic Surgery

Why the “Zoom Boom” Is the Ideal Opportunity for Plastic Surgery

Frustrated with the way your face looks on video? If you’ve noticed that facial wrinkles or other imperfections and signs of aging that never seemed to stand out before now seem more pronounced during online work meetings, you’re not alone. As working from home has become the norm, cosmetic practices throughout the Western world are seeing increasing numbers of patients seeking out plastic surgery. Sonoma County’s The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery explains that along with the fact that we’re simply spending more time staring back at ourselves on camera, there are several major reasons why a much higher number of people are considering these procedures.

It’s easy to understand why these webcam meetings have sparked a renewed interest in elective procedures. Zoom calls give us a firsthand glimpse of what our faces really look like when we’re conversing with others—something many of us had never paid much attention to before. A massive number of people began using the video communications app more often while working remotely. The angles are often unflattering, and the lighting is usually not the best.

Patients whose scheduled cosmetic procedures were postponed or unavailable during shutdowns are now able to finally have them done. Another factor behind the gradual surge in bookings is the ability for patients to recover in the privacy of their own homes or cover up in masks when they do go out. People who have never been able to set aside weeks for recovery at home are now able to do so.

Although it’s tempting to rush into having cosmetic treatments at the moment, remember to maintain realistic expectations and have procedures done for the right reasons. Treatments like BOTOX® or surgery like a facelift won’t necessarily make you feel completely happy. However, they can improve what you consider to be imperfections—and when you feel good about the way you look, you’re likely to be more confident and productive.

Considering plastic surgery? Dr. Stanley Jacobs recently hosted a webinar to explain techniques used for addressing “Zoom Neck” and other problem areas that are emphasized during video calls.

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